Focus Anchor brings your attention back to your top priority, so it's always front of mind 🧠

Stay Focused On What's Important

Multi-tasking is a myth. Don't half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

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Where will you anchor your focus right now?

Stop getting distracted, start making progress 🎯

Keep your top priority, top of mind

Dissolve distractions.

Focus Anchor is a desktop app designed to gently bring your focus back to what you know you need to do. It strengthens your ability for deep work by nudging you to ask yourself: "Am I doing what's important, or just what's easy?"

Quick keyboard shortcuts.
Press ⌘⇧K or Win+Shift+K to quickly focus
Always there for you.
Focus Anchor stays in view, and can nudge you every so often to help keep you on track
Show your top priority in the apps you know and love, such as Notion and ClickUp
Configurable nudges.
Audio and visual reminders configurable to fit your needs
"Hey Siri, Anchor My Focus".
Set your focus without breaking your flow, with help from Siri (Setup now)
Proven to work.
Improving the lives of hundreds of developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and executives
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It helps people ❤️

“Focus Anchor massively helps me stay on task and I'm getting so much more of the important things done because of it”

Picture of Sarah Joyce
Sarah Joyce • COO, Flourish Labs
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“I really truly love this tool, makes my work day more focused and productive! Focus Anchor is a game changer! So simple and easy to use”

Picture of Catherine
Catherine • Coach

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