My £26 Ikea Standing Desk Contraption

My £26 Ikea Standing Desk Contraption

Get up, stand up

How it starts How it ends
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I've wanted a standing desk for a while and after reading this blog post I figured why not?

Unfortunately you can't get the Viktor shelf anymore, all the links were US centric and I wanted a larger desk area so I've modified and converted it for people in the UK who need more space.

Shopping List

Total Cost: £26 (£33.50 with VAT/delivery)

Build it


1 hour~


Phillips Screwdriver
Spirit level (semi-optional)
Hammer (optional)


Almost professional pictures of the really easy process!


  • Taller table so I don't have to use monitor raisers
    • I've not found a good one on Ikea so far

Closing thoughts

I'd definitely suggest putting the LACK coffee table on your desk to figure out the correct height for the keyboard/mouse shelf, using the ergonomic image from here.

So far, I'm really enjoying my new standing setup!

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