Where are you in the world?
Texas, USA

Where can people find you online?
Facebook, Github, personal website, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Kifi, Tumblr

Where do you work?
Rosewood Partners, LLC

What are you working on?
IT help desk

How many browser tabs and/or windows do you have open?
9 tabs, 8 windows

What do you drink when you work?
water mostly, sugary drinks occasionally

Do you listen to music while you work?

If you do listen to music, what type of music do you listen to?
usually pop or classic rock

When/How do you feel you are most productive?

  • at least 7 hours of sleep
    -late morning or late afternoon
    -after being uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes

Which tools do you use almost everyday?
Chrome, Firefox, Skype for Business, Citrix XenApp, Office 2013/365 with SharePoint, LogMeIn Rescue, 8x8 Contact Center, Zendesk, ShiftPlanning, Okta...
Github, Git, PHPSpec, Cloud9, Scrutinizer, SensioLabs Insight, Code Climate,

Do you have a short always-present philosophy of work?
Prefer well-crafted over quick-and-dirty if at all possible

When and where do you work?
8-5 M-F, lunch from 12:30-1:30, two 15-minute paid breaks at any point in the day

What do you think people should be doing more of?
sleeping, exercising, learning, eating healthy, paying attention to detail (especially as it concerns pronunciation, spelling, and grammar)

Where do your todo lists live?
iOS Notes, Cloud9 projects' code space

Do you want to say anything else?
I wish more people in my area were coders similar to me (PHP at my skill level and active enough on social media)

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