GoRemote.io, ProductHunt.com and Transparency

GoRemote.io, ProductHunt.com and Transparency

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GitHub says I started work on GoRemote.io on the 14th of July and 4 days later it was submitted, to my surprise, to ProductHunt by Kevin William David.

But why?

Working remotely (not necessarily from home!) is brilliant for lots of people. Having left my job at the end of June I needed to find a new job, and I set myself the goal of finding a great remote job with people I could learn from, where I could make a difference.

Trawling multiple sites hourly got tiring, so I built something to help!

So, what happened?

It didn't go as spectacularly as levels.io (he's awesome!) launch of RemoteOk on ProductHunt, but it did do well.

Have a gander at these here pictures:

July 18th saw 1, 426 sessions and July 19th saw 1, 035 sessions.

July 18th July 19th
![](/content/images/2015/07/Screenshot-2015-07-20-10-29-58.png) ![](/content/images/2015/07/Screenshot-2015-07-20-09-38-31.png)


Mailchimp shows 45 subscribers to the daily digest out of 2, 824 unique users - that's roughly 1.6%.

I had hoped I would be able to reach more people with this mailing list but perhaps 'daily' is too often and puts people off?

This is definitely something I want to be looking into more in future.

What did I learn?

  • You can get thousands of viewers to your site, with a few days of work - MVP all the way
  • Launch on a week day
  • Build a Twitter/ProductHunt following before launch
  • Make sure it's pretty
  • Communicate

Now what?

I'd like to add more job sources then have GoRemote.io become more than a remote job aggregator and to feature blog posts on how best to work remotely, how to find jobs, how to find clients if you freelance and more. Rodolphe Dutel is doing a great job in this space with Remotive.

Working from home is so good, for so many people - I want to spread the word to as many people as I can.

Follow me and GoRemote on Twitter and feel free to contribute at GitHub!

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