Advent Of Code 2016 - Live Coding Videos

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What is Advent Of Code?

Advent of Code is an awesome coding kata advent calendar created by Eric Wastl. A huge amount of effort is put into this each year, and you can play along here.

There are 25 days of puzzles, and each day has 2 puzzles.

Me, me, me

I'm live streaming, then uploading to YouTube my solutions with PHP/PHPSpec/TDD. I'll update this blog post to embed the YouTube videos also.

Live streaming is awesome because it shows other people's work flows and thought processes, and I find that really interesting.

All my code is of course in GitHub.



Day 9

The video doesn't have part 2, but the source code will

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Day 8

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Day 7

This took a lot longer than it should have - regex hated me for a while there.

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Day 6

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Day 5

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Day 4

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Day 3

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Day 2

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Day 1

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