3 reasons I had xylophone alone time

3 reasons I had xylophone alone time

1. I want an awesome job

Siftware are hiring for a UK Based Senior PHP Developer and their job description asks that you add 'xylophone' to the email subject.

My email subject was 'Senior Xylophone Developer', and I linked to something I made for brownie points: take a look at my xylophone

2. I couldn't find what I wanted

Searching the internet for all the separates notes from a xylophone was lengthy, tedious and unsuccessful.

Luckily my childrens toy boxes are overflowing, and nestled deep within one box (well, it was under one other thing) was a lovely xylophone!

Two quick Google searches later I knew how to record the audio (Quicktime -> New Audio Recording) and split it into separate files with the awesome Wavepad.

3. Why not? Let's get it done!

It's fun and exciting to have a vision for something, and just get it done!

Even though my xylophone isn't going to win any awards, I'm very happy that I've completed it and had fun in the process!

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